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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Frank Nagai -- Glass no Onna(ガラスの女)

Usually, I consider Frank Nagai(フランク永井)to be the ultimate Mood Kayo crooner of his day, but this particular song, "Glass no Onna" (Glass Lady) doesn't sound like anything that would be connected with carousing and drinking in the city's bar-filled areas. Released as a single in May 1963, "Glass no Onna" has more of a elegiac feeling which rather weaves between enka and postwar kayo...more the latter, I think. That intro part as well reminded me a bit of that old jazz standard, "I've Got a Crush on You".

Written by Yoshimi Sato(さとうよしみ)and composed by Koichi Hattori(服部公一), "Glass no Onna" seems to be about a quietly distraught woman in the rain, miserable over the loss of a romance. The overall tone seems to resemble that of a soundtrack from an old RKO picture, and Nagai's rich and soothing baritone has a bit of a lullaby effect. Perhaps this might be something that would accompany a glass of Old Parr after all.

I'm sure that "Glass no Onna" has been placed on a number of Nagai's LPs over the years, but the video above indicates that it was also included in a compilation record from the same year known as "Showa San-juu-hachi-nen Victor Miwaku no All-Stars Dai Juu-ni Shuu"(昭和38年 ビクター 魅惑のオール・スターズ第12集...Victor's Attractive All-Stars 1963, Vol. 12).

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