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Monday, October 8, 2018

Kingo Hamada -- midnight cruisin' (album track)

"Y'know...I sing folk but what I really want to do is....FUNK!"

I just completed an article on the folk group Craft(クラフト)and then decided as a comparison is put up another song by Kingo Hamada(濱田金吾), who used to be the bassist for that band. Not really sure whether Hamada said the above statement but I think that he and a lot of his other folk contemporaries of the 1970s probably had those sentiments in mind, since into the 1980s, they embraced their inner City Pop and AOR.

Well, Hamada did indeed do just that, and one example would be the title track from his 1982 album "midnight cruisin'". I couldn't quite track down whether he took care of either words or music or even both, but I'm pretty sure that he did have a hand in the songwriting. "midnight cruisin'" is quite catchy right from the intro with those keyboards and syn-drums. The image that I get, though, isn't cruising on the highways at midnight but right in prime time! Partying in the big city is what I get from this boppy tune.

Another track from the album has also been taken care of on the blog, "Mayonaka no Tennis Court"(真夜中のテニスコート...Tennis Court at Midnight). Hamada really was quite interested by that hour.

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