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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Kengo Kurozumi -- High Noon

Usually when I hear the term High Noon, I think of the famous 1952 Western starring Gary Cooper as the veteran sheriff having to make the agonizing decision between staying true to his wife and facing down a bloodthirsty gang all by his lonesome.

With Kengo Kurozumi's(黒住憲五)1983 "High Noon", the only "painful" decision needed here is whether the listener will lie down in the swaying hammock or on the sturdier chaise lounge on the lanai in Honolulu. Mind you, the person may also need to face the hard choice of going with an ice-cold Corona or one of those cocktails with lots of fruit. Aye, the struggle is indeed real, my friends.

Yes, "High Noon" from Kurozumi's 2nd album "Still" is a very laid-back tune, and arranger Masaki Matsubara(松原正樹)lays on the West Coast AOR really thick here. According to kaz-shin's review in his "Music Avenue", Matsubara adds some calypso feeling although I think it's very light via the percussion and some steel drum sound through the synthesizer. Methinks this is more California than the Caribbean in sound, and the refrain sounds similar to something from a Journey song.

Takako Ozawa(大沢孝子)provided the lyrics while Kurozumi came up with the music. Provided that I can get one of his early albums at Tower or elsewhere, I wouldn't mind getting at least "Still" or his debut album "Again".

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