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Friday, March 8, 2019

Kirinji -- Jikan ga nai(時間がない)

Late one night at a Japanese conglomerate:

Department Chief: Wanna drop by the izakaya for a drink?
Section Chief: Sure...sounds good.
Department Chief: Maybe we can bring Saito along?
Section Chief: Uh...probably not. He left a few minutes ago.
Department Chief: Oh, went straight home?
Section Chief: Not exactly...

Not exactly is right. Saito's got a new hobby and he's darn good at it!

And may I say that his theme song is darn nifty as well? This would be "Jikan ga nai" (Got No Time) which was released as Kirinji's(キリンジ)19th single from May 2018 last year. It's wonderfully spacey and disco, and as much as their most famous song from nearly a couple of decades back, "Aliens"(エイリアンズ), forged romantic images of Steely Dan and Original Love, "Jikan ga Nai" has taken me to the arena of Jamiroquai.

Man, if they ever decided to bring a 3rd season of "Space Dandy", then insert "Jikan ga Nai" in somehow. Written and composed by Kirinji member Takaki Horigome(堀込高樹), the outer space groove supports the story of a man who's seemingly headed for a collision with an extramarital affair after going through the doldrums of married life.

No idea how "Jikan ga Nai" did on the charts unfortunately but wouldn't mind getting the album that it has been placed on. I hope that it did get some love among groove lovers. Mind you, though, if Saito's daughter ever saw the video above with her friends around her, she would probably scream "DADDY! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

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