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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Ryu to Kaoru -- Asa no Ame(朝の雨)

Found a relatively rare folk tune by this short-lived duo, Ryu to Kaoru(竜とかおる...Ryu and Kaoru). "Asa no Ame" (Morning Rain) is a track from their lone album "Hitotsu no Meguriai"(ひとつのめぐり逢い...One Encounter) which came out in 1974, and to be honest, I think the harmony is somewhat off-kilter so the song itself won't become the most memorable folk number for me.

Ryu to Kaoru consisted of guitarist-songwriter Ryuuichi Sato(佐藤龍一)and singer-songwriter Kaoru Ito(伊藤薫)who was also the side guitar and chorus next to Sato's main vocals, lead guitar and songwriting. Back in 1970, Sato and Ichiro Tomita(とみたいちろう)began a monthly concert called Mojo Mojo East in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture (a few stations away from my old home Ichikawa), and then Ito joined up with Sato to form the duo Ryu +1(龍+1)which later got renamed Ryu to Kaoru in 1974. Two singles were recorded under the two duo names in 1972 and 1974, with the album "Hitotsu no Meguriai" coming out that latter year. With the addition of a bassist and a drummer, there was an attempt made to transition into a rock band but by the end of 1974, Ryu to Kaoru decided to call it quits.

The interesting thing here and the reason that I'm featuring "Asa no Ame" is that Ito has had her name mentioned in "Kayo Kyoku Plus" many times since the beginning of the blog because she has since provided songs for other artists, and "Asa no Ame" is the first time that I've gotten to hear her sing. Ito created the kayo classic "Love is Over" for Feifei Ouyang(欧陽菲菲)and the bouncy Anri(杏里) tune "Cotton Kibun"(コットン気分). She has released some singles of her own but her list of songs that she has made for other singers is much longer, according to her J-Wiki file.

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