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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Industry -- State of the Nation

Time for another ROY article and this week, it's Industry's "State of the Nation". I distinctly remember watching this on one of the afternoon music video shows here in Toronto and though I don't know about other 80s New Wave enthusiasts, this is the only Industry song that I've known. However, the New York band really put out such a super-catchy tune (thanks to those synths handling the rhythm...and those wonderful syn-drums!) and an eye-catching video on a retired U.S. aircraft carrier to match it that they basically seared themselves into my long-term memory. If there were a dictionary entry for "80s New Wave", then Industry's picture would be right beside it. According to the Wikipedia article for "State of the Nation", it didn't do much in the States but it was a hit in parts of Europe.

The single version apparently came out in 1984 but the album with "State of the Nation", "Stranger to Stranger", was released in August 1983 in America, so why not check to see what the Top 3 hits in Japan were that month on Oricon?

1. Seiko Matsuda -- Glass no Ringo (ガラスの林檎)/Sweet Memories

2. Masahiko Kondo -- Tameiki Rockabilly(ためいきロ・カ・ビ・リー)

3. Irene Cara -- Flashdance

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