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Saturday, November 21, 2020

"Kayo Kyoku Plus" on "Come Along Radio"


I hinted at this in a past article (I forget which one) but last week, I had the honour of being interviewed by fellow City Pop fan and good friend Rocket Brown for his podcast "Come Along Radio" from Los Angeles which goes into the history and sweet sounds of the genre (paraphrasing from his regular introduction). We go into how I got into the music of folks such as Tatsuro Yamashita(山下達郎), Mariya Takeuchi(竹内まりや), Makoto Matsushita(松下誠)and Minako Yoshida(吉田美奈子)among others in the first place and how I got "Kayo Kyoku Plus" off the ground. In addition, some of my favourites will be played on air.

The above is just the YouTube commercial for "Come Along Radio" but if you are interested in listening to the podcast, you can click the link and head over to Mixcloud. Also, feel free to prove/disprove how much I sound like Alan Alda from "MASH" and how often I use "Y'know" (I must have watched too many player interviews on "Hockey Night In Canada" when I was a kid).

Just wanted to thank Rocket Brown for taking the time to have me on and also since I neglected to mention this on the podcast, I also want to send my gratitude to everyone: JTM, nikala, Marcos V., Noelle, Larry, Joanna and all others who have contributed to the blog with their articles over the past 9 years as well as the commenters who have given their suggestions. I will make that public the next time I get to go on "Come Along Radio".

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