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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Necry Talkie -- Yume Miru Dobunezumi(夢みるドブネズミ)


Some Canadiana for you on this Tuesday night. "Hinterland: Who's Who" was the classic CBC one-minute vignette on the myriad forms of wildlife in the Great White North beginning with a haunting flute sequence followed by a soothing narrator talking about the animal selected. It was definitely one of my childhood memories and it often preceded some of the other beloved kids' shows such as "Sesame Street" and "Mr. Dressup".

That one minute on the beaver was the closest that I could get to segueing into Necry Talkie's(ネクライトーキー)"Yume Miru Dobunezumi" (Dreaming Brown Rat). And here I thought that the band Qaijff was going to be the one with the unusual name this week that got onto KKP. Perhaps that was indeed hasty thinking since I haven't been able to find out as of yet the origins of this unusual name for this outfit from Osaka.

Necry Talkie has been described on Wikipedia and elsewhere as this pop-punk band which began in 2017, and the blog "Good Morning Aomori" has a good article providing a comprehensive report on the band and their albums. All I can do, though, being a newbie to Necry Talkie is first introduce who the members are: vocalist/guitarist Mossa(もっさ), guitarist Asahi(朝日), bassist Fujita(藤田), drummer Kazuma Takei(カズマ・タケイ)and keyboardist Ayaka Nakamura(中村郁香). Then, I can introduce one of the tracks from their January 2020 first major album "ZOO!!", "Yume Miru Dobunezumi".

I've gotten the impression that Necry Talkie can go from sweet to raunchy through their discography. However, I think "Yume Miru Dobunezumi" is more on the sweet side of things with Mossa's high and cute vocals and the arrangement which includes a comical quality and some hints of what I used to remember from the bohemian band Jitterin' Jinn. I can even pick up on a bit of alternative in there as well. Asahi took care of both words and music for this one. "ZOO!!" itself peaked at No. 17 on Oricon.

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