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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Taeko Ohnuki -- Kusuri wo Takusan (くすりをたくさん)

I briefly mentioned this song when I did my entry on Ohnuki's(大貫妙子) 2nd solo album, "Sunshower" (1977).  As I've also mentioned when it comes to her early albums, Ohnuki seems to combine epic introspective works with pleasant if smaller tunes that look almost to be thrown in. My observation certainly applies to her early 80s albums when she made that big change in direction into her European/technopop mode, but I think "Kusuri wo Takusan"(Lots of Drugs) is one of those minor pleasantries on this album.

When I was reading the YouTube comments for this video, the majority of them were thankful but there were a couple of them for which you could feel the backhanded slap across the face. One panned the "cheap pop" melody, and the other took aim at the "bad"lyrics that Ohnuki had supplied. And yet, "Kusuri"made quite a stir in that the singer took aim at how easily patients in Japan sprinted to get their meds to cure the tiniest discomfort while the medical industry was only too happy to oblige them.

My feelings on the song are that I don't think Ohnuki ever meant to go on a musical tirade against a practice that is continuing even today. The lyrics sound as if they were created by a cheeky teenager, and the music....poppy with a bit of Latin thrown in....contrasts with the coldcock that she puts against the medical industry. But even for me to write that last sentence puts a bit too much weight in what just seems to be more of a pet peeve on Ohnuki's part than any smoldering societal problem to be attacked vigorously. I do think that there has been a tendency for doctors there to overmedicate their patients but Ohnuki never made it her soapbox.

Anyways, here are the translated lyrics:

You're not the only one who's crazy
Hey, open your eyes
Look at people
No matter at what you see
It's wrong to think things for granted!

If a fever breaks out
And a disease goes around
You become weak
And give up
Run as quick as you can
You're gonna end up in Heaven

Lots of drugs
Pick and choose and see
So many of them
If you take them, it'll be the end
As soon as you recover, you'll be sick again

Don't push yourself
Take a break
You're different
You don't have the time
You got something wrong with you
Anyways, drugs are the best!

Have a listen to the song while looking at the above. Was she being serious or merely sarcastic?


  1. thank you for this translation!! it's true that sometimes knowing what a song is about can make it worse hahaha

  2. Just had to know the japanese words for drugs and alot and put the two together to get the feeling the song had deeper meaning and yeah, sure did. Very fun song 😬

  3. Yes, I always kinda wondered whether Taeko had written this up after another exasperating visit to the clinic.:)

  4. I don’t understand, what is the song about?


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