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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Takashi Hosokawa -- Kita Sakaba (北酒場)

In my last entry on enka, I mentioned that the genre can be geographical...such as Yokohama or Nagasaki or Hokkaido. Another theme is also drinking. Just like American country and western with its honky tonks, enka also goes into detail about the Japanese version of pub crawls.

Takashi Hosokawa(細川たかし) was in the business for about 7 years when he hit pay dirt with "Kita Sakaba"(Northern Bars), a jaunty song about a night of fun, drinking and women on a bar-lined avenue. According to J-Wiki, it was apparently so jaunty that it was thought to be more of a regular pop song than an enka one. But I think it still fulfills the enka category in terms of melody and theme.

I did also state that "Yukiguni"(雪国)was my go-to song in the karaoke boxes. Well, this was my No. 2. After all, I couldn't get away with just singing one tune.

"Kita Sakaba"got as high as No. 3 on the weekly Oricon charts and was No. 5 on the yearly singles in 1982.

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