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Monday, July 23, 2012

Akiko Kobayashi -- Kokoro Midarete:Say It With Flowers (心みだれて)

I think this would've made the perfect jingle for FTD, the American florist delivery chain. But "Say It With Flowers"was the theme song for a Japanese drama, "Kin'youbi ni wa Hana wo Katte"(金曜日には花を買って....Get Me Flowers on Friday, Will You?) when it was released in October 1986 as Akiko Kobayashi's 4th (and 5th...a 12") single. The song, composed by Kobayashi and written by Reiko Yukawa(湯川れい子), was never a huge hit but it has been included on every one of her BEST compilations. The song is good ol' schmaltz and sophistication...probably great for that 10th anniversary-celebrating couple. As far as I can remember, along with "Kuchibiru Swing", I think Kobayashi has only sung two out-and-out jazz pieces, but I think her voice matches quite nicely with the genre.

PS The Japanese title is "Kokoro Midarete"心みだれて....Move My Heart).

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