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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Denki Groove -- Nijuu-ichi Seiki mo Motetakute (21世紀もモテたくて)

Let's see....on the same night I put in this entry by techno unit Denki Groove電気グルーヴ...Electric Groove), I had also put up C-C-B's "Romantic ga Tomaranai"Romanticが止まらない) and Seiko Matsuda's(松田聖子)"Tenshi no Wink"天使のウィンク). There is a method to my madness since the boys in the band just happened to sample a couple of parts from both songs to create "Nijuu-ichi Seiki mo Motetakute" (I Also Wanna Be Cool in the 21st-Century) for their 2001 tribute album, "The Last Supper" which peaked at No. 10 on the Oricon charts.

Denki Groove first started up in 1989 and consists of Takkyu Ishino(石野卓球) and Pierre Taki(ピエール瀧). They credit their influences as the Yellow Magic Orchestra and Germany's Kraftwerk, but I think there is definitely a Weird Al Yankovic streak of humour in their earlier stuff at least which distinguishes them from their predecessors.

Starting with Ishino screaming the name of a Korean one-pot dish, "BIBIMPAP!", the dance tune begins before the two 1985 aidoru hit tunes get inserted into the mix in a way that hilariously and coolly works. Not sure if anything like this had ever been done before and I don't think it will ever be again.

(from about 11:54)

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