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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kanako Wada -- Natsu no Mirage (夏のミラージュ)

Kanako Wada(和田加奈子) is one of my favourites who just seemed to fly under the radar during her brief career (1985-1991). She never became a superstar but she did have (and still has) that rich voice to go with some pretty clever melodies. In addition, she seemed to have been the go-to singer for theme songs when it came to one of the most popular anime of the 1980s, "Kimagure Orange Road"きまぐれ・.オレンジ☆ロード).

"Natsu no Mirage"(Summer Mirage) was the ending theme for the show. Written by Reiko Yukawa(湯川れい子)and composed by Tsukasa, it's a fun upbeat tune notable for the languid Beatles-esque guitar and soaring vocals by Wada. The song was also included as the first track on her 3rd album, "Esquisse", released in August 1987. The single itself had been released a couple of months earlier.

And this was the song as it was used at the end of KOR.

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