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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Taeko Ohnuki -- Signifie

"Signifie" is Taeko Ohnuki's(大貫妙子) 7th solo album released in October 1983. Like her preceding albums with Ryuichi Sakamoto(坂本龍一), the previous one being 1982's "Cliche", this album has its combination of quirky pop tunes partnered with epic and lavish productions. The first track, which is represented below in the video of the entire album, is "Natsu ni Koi Suru Onna Tachi"夏に恋する女たち....The Women Who Love In Summer), one of the latter types which was specifically written for a TBS drama of the same title. It has its own sweeping romantic Gallic grandeur, though not quite on the same scale as its kissing cousin, "Kuro no Clair"黒のクレール...Black Clair) from "Cliche".

(cover version)

The second track is "Genkan"幻感....Fascination), along with the first track, one of my favourite songs on the album.  As its title hints, this song has a synth accordion among other electronics providing a small backdrop of jokey spookiness. But it also shows how good Sakamoto is at marrying technopop with French melodies.

Generally, "Signifie" is perhaps a smaller version of "Cliche" in terms of tone but still well worth getting. There's another song on YouTube that I couldn't bring into the blog called "Signe"  (no worries now) that's also one of my favourites on the album. Despite the return of that synth-accordion, I'd that say that it's more technopop than French, but the key shifts are pretty interesting to listen to.

(whole album)

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