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Friday, December 21, 2012

Dreams Come True -- Winter Song

This isn't just a Winter song; this is a Christmas "Pop The Question" song. I can just imagine a lot of nervous boyfriend types getting down on bended knee in that Italian restauant in Aoyama after having requested the maitre 'd to play the song. The staff probably has the disc on standby in the kitchen. Once you see the lyrics on the video above, you'll understand. The crazy thing, though, is that "Winter Song" was actually released in January 1994.Well, sounds Xmas-y enough to me.

For Dreams Come True, this was their 5th No. 1, penned by vocal Miwa Yoshida(吉田美和) and composed by both Yoshida and leader Masato Nakamura(中村正人). Even though the single was released just a week into the New Year, I think the slow jingle bells in the background can have people thinking that it was originally meant for the Yuletide. Plus, it is a romantic ballad, and in Japan, Xmas is all about the couples. "Winter Song" ultimately became the 19th-ranked song for 1994.

This is the concert version by Dreams Come True. (, it isn't. It's been taken down so enjoy this remix.)

(karaoke version)

P.S. Eating an appetizer of ignorance before the main course of turkey today. I'd only known about "Winter Song" and not the original, "Yuki no Christmas"(雪のクリスマス...Snowy Christmas), which came out all the way back in 1990.


  1. Thanks J-Canuck for this entry on "Winter Song". Great song from ドリカム. The Japanese language version 雪のクリスマス is definitely a Christmas song in the same vein as サンタと天使が笑う夜. I kind of prefer the Japanese version but Yoshida Miwa's stirring vocals are great in either language.

  2. Yeah, Yoshida definitely has some of the finest chops in Japanese pop today. Definitely glad that I got the song.


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