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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Chikaco Sawada -- Kanojo no Hitomi (彼女の瞳)

Well, the American presidential election is under way and as predicted, things are looking like Game 7 of the World Series from last week...nailbiting. Not looking particularly good for Hillary Clinton right now but we should know in another 90 minutes who President No. 45 is.

I've got a bit of a sour stomach so I've swallowed down those three foul-smelling balls of Seirogan and since I don't want to exacerbate my situation by watching CNN right now, I've decided to put up something nice and comforting musically with Chikaco Sawada's(沢田知可子)14th single from March 1994, "Kanojo no Hitomi" (Her Eyes).

It's a harmless twinkly little ballad that was written and composed by Sawada herself. Not sure how it did on the charts but her bright high-toned voice can help further light up a sunny day. And there is something about those synths that takes me back to the good old days. I hope that this brand of musical therapy will get me to relax.

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