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Friday, November 18, 2016

The Golden Cups -- Itoshi no Jezebel (いとしのジザベル)

"Itoshi no Jezebel" (Jezebel, My Love) was The Golden Cups' (ザ・ゴールデン・カップス) debut single from June 1967. Starting slowly as if it were another Group Sounds ballad, the song actually picks up speed via a manic drum roll by Manu although the lyrics by Rei Nakanishi(なかにし礼)talk about beloved Jezebel who used to be a lover but has now disappeared into the wind.

Kunihiko Suzuki(鈴木邦彦)was responsible for the alternately languid and frenetic first release by The Golden Cups, a GS band that had some good English vocal backup via guitarist Kenneth Ito(ケネス伊東)who originally hailed from Hawaii. A strange observation by me, though. The way "Itoshi no Jezebel" sounds, there are parts which could actually be slightly arranged to come off as traditional nightclub-friendly Mood Kayo.

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