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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dolly Dolci -- Koi to Merry-Go-Round (恋とメリーゴーランド)

It was another round of the routine with my anime buddy today. Some good Chinese fare at Asian Legend before some coffee at the local Second Cup before we tucked into the anime. We've been enjoying a number of the shows this season although my friend is a bit worried about the upcoming winter season since he feels that there may be a dearth of quality material. Hopefully, we won't be undergoing withdrawal during the Holidays.

One of the shows that we've been watching is "Show By Rock!!", a Sanrio anime adaptation of a game that became a hit in its debut season and is now halfway through its second season. It follows the story of budding teenage singer-songwriter Cyan as she enters another universe of music-oriented beings and gets involved with the band Plasmagica to rock out and fight the good fight against the bad guys.

"Show By Rock!!" has gained its fame from the dozens of seiyuu popping up in various bands and all of the music that has been churned out. In fact, my friend has been buying a number of singles and full albums containing the many tunes that have cropped up.

During anison hour today, my buddy played several songs from one of the "Show By Rock!!" compilation albums with one of them becoming an earworm. It's called "Koi to Merry-Go-Round" (Love and Merry-Go-Round) by the in-show or in-game fictional band known as Dolly Dolci (ドーリィドルチ). With a bit of a Vocaloid sensibility, the urgent beat and synths caught my ears and failed to let go. Although most of the songs from the game and anime haven't quite burrowed into my brain, this one managed to do the trick.

"Koi to Merry-Go-Round" was written and composed by James Panda Jr. and the seiyuu-singer behind it is Mikoi Sasaki(佐々木未来).

At the rate these songs and fictional bands are coming out of this one show, "Show By Rock!!" is going to end up as its own genre (and it has).

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