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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fujimal Yoshino -- Girl's in Love With Me

In the pages of "Japanese City Pop", I used to come across this album by musician Fujimal Yoshino(芳野藤丸). It was his solo debut album, "Fujimal Yoshino" from 1982, and the cover has him looking like Sonny Crockett from the original NBC series "Miami Vice" with his name emblazoned in all capital letters. The fellow looked like he was trying to get his own TV show.

Well, I would just settle for a radio show with him as the DJ since I would love to know more about what this guy likes in music. I'm featuring the second track, "Girl's in Love With Me" from that titular album after the fun "Who Are You?" and it's also pretty cool. But it is also very calming this time...another one of those tunes that you need to lounge about on a balcony at sunset while knocking back a cocktail or two before dinner.

In comes the bluesy saxophone, the well-rounded bass and some well-delivered laidback English by Yoshino himself. Jeff Keeling took care of those lyrics with the singer himself coming up with the sweet music. I'll have that second rum-and-coke, please.

Just like when his bandmate in AB'S, Makoto Matsushita(松下誠), came up with his classic solo City Pop/AOR album, "First Light" the year before, Yoshino has created a song that makes me wonder if he's more of the American AOR guy in California than the City Pop fellow in Tokyo. In either case, I'm now considering tracking down Fujimal Yoshino by getting "Fujimal Yoshino".

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