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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Kahimi Karie -- I am A Kitten

Well, welcome back, Kahimi Karie(カヒミ・カリィ)! It's been about 3 years. Not that I hate her stuff at all but I think for me I have to be in a certain frame of mind to fully appreciate the silky-voiced songs by her. Perhaps it's similar to something I heard from a fellow at a recent birthday party who remarked that one has to be in a certain frame of mind to watch "Doctor Who". I don't quite agree but I digress.

Anyways, I did come across this Kahimi song that I found quite soothing and mysterious at the same time called "I am A Kitten", created by Scottish musician Momus. To be honest, it's a tad hard to hear all of the French that she's singing but I do like the bossa in there. The song first appeared in Kahimi's 2nd mini-album "I AM A KITTEN (Kahimi Karie sings Momus in Paris)" from January 1995.

There's also the music video. Perhaps it's just me but there is something quite Greta Garbo about her.

This is the English-language cover of the song. I'm not totally sure but I think it may indeed be Momus.

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