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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

SOULHEAD -- Dear Friends

Got through my first assignment after returning from the cruise last weekend. Not too bad at all so the week is coming along fairly smoothly and I can't really complain about the weather either. Tomorrow, we may all get some fine summer stuff in the form of temperatures going up into the high 20s Celsius.

I was actually going through the long list of bookmarks on my computer to see if I can dispose of a few of them when I re-discovered one which went to a site filled with online radio stations. Out of curiosity, I plugged in one of the J-Pop stations on which this particular song was playing.

It was "Dear Friends" by SOULHEAD. The J-R&B boom started dissipating from around the mid-2000s so to hear this Hokkaido sister duo consisting of Yoshika and Tsugumi Sawayama sing their hearts out was nicely nostalgic. I could remember the days of Misia and bird. Actually, I had heard of this R&B act before (the sisters debuted in 2002) but never delved into what kind of music they were performing.

"Dear Friends" is their January 2007 single which stands as their final single up to now. It's a heartfelt ballad about finding that special someone after going through a rough patch in life. The song has got quite the healing feeling. Written and composed by SOULHEAD with further composing by the production company known as OCTOPUSSY, "Dear Friends" peaked at No. 60 on Oricon.

Actually, I went to their website (the link is above) and the collage of songs that greeted me sounded pretty darn good.

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