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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Kiyotaka Sugiyama & Omega Tribe + Rajie -- You're A Lady, I'm A Man

As the summer comes to a close for another year, I figure that the sunset ballads will be coming out around now.

So, what better example than a romantic number by Kiyotaka Sugiyama & Omega Tribe(杉山清貴&オメガトライブ)joined by Rajie(ラジ)? This is a shortened version of "You're A Lady, I'm A Man" from Omega Tribe's 4th album "Another Summer" from July 1985, and it's a power ballad with that familiar sound of not only Sugiyama's band but also the mellow music of Tetsuji Hayashi(林哲司). Kumiko Aoki(青木久美子)provided the lyrics of l'amour.

As with a number of Omega Tribe's ballads, this would be a worthy musical accompaniment for a couple walking down the beach as the sun goes down the horizon. "Another Summer" scored a No. 1 ranking on Oricon, and includes Omega Tribe's most successful single of their career, "Futari no Natsu Monogatari"(ふたりの夏物語).

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