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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Anri -- Kanashimi ga Tomaranai (悲しみがとまらない)

 Anri's(杏里)14th single is considered up there with "Olivia wo Kikinagara"オリビアを聴きながら....While Listening to Olivia) and "Cat's Eye" as her most representative hits. In fact, "Kanashimi ga Tomaranai" was released in November 1983, just a few months after "Cat's Eye" had come out.

Chinfa Kan and Tetsuji Hayashi(康珍化・林哲司)were the creators behind the tune, but it was Hayashi and Toshiki Kadomatsu(門松敏生)who did the arranging. I mention this because it was from this year that Kadomatsu had a pretty strong influence on Anri's repertoire through writing, composing and arranging a number of her songs through three albums starting with 1983's "Bi-Ki-Ni" and "Timely!!", and "Coool"(1984). He put a bit more boogie into the beat, a little more dazzle into the dance.

"Kanashimi ga Tomaranai"was part of "Timely!!", and it's notable for the opening lyric which is basically the direct translation of the title, "I can't stop the loneliness", and the 70s disco feel to the proceedings. It's also an interesting song melodically since there is this juxtaposition of the disco chorus with a sweet, almost-aidoru like approach to the verses although the lyrics talk of the usual lost opportunity at love.

This song along with "Olivia wo Kikinagara" were the Anri choices for heavy rotation singing at my old haunt of Kuri.

Here are Anri and Kadomatsu with their joint take on the song. "Kanashimi ga Tomaranai" got as high as No. 4 on Oricon, and it was the 19th-ranked song of 1984. BTW, I just love the trumpet Maynard Ferguson.

Anri -- Bi-Ki-Ni (1983)
Maybe THE iconic picture of the lass.

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