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Friday, January 4, 2013

Satoshi Kishida -- Kimi no Asa (君の朝)

From around the late 70s/early 80s, there are three songs I know that have the theme of "morning": Kazuo Zaitsu's "Wake Up", Hiroaki Igarashi's "Pegasus no Asa"(ペガサスの朝)and Satoshi Kishida's "Kimi no Asa". All three of them are perfectly made to listen to during those hours slowly rousing out of bed. Of the three of them, Kishida's "Kimi no Asa" is the most laid-back.

Singer-actor Satoshi Kishida(岸田智史)from Okayama Prefecture, first debuted in 1976 with "Aoi Tabi"(蒼い旅....Blue Journey). Three years later, he came up with his biggest hit, "Kimi no Asa"(Your Morning), a very comforting ballad that's less the drinking of coffee of Zaitsu's "Wake Up" and more the slow wafting of said coffee from the kitchen into the bedroom as it's brewing away. Whenever I'm reminded of it, the chorus of "Morning, morning...." rings in my ears.

Composed by Kishida itself and written by Osami Okamoto(岡本おさみ), "Kimi no Asa" was the theme song for a TBS drama "Ai to Kassai to"愛と喝采と....Love And Acclamation), a show that Kishida also starred in. The single was released in March 1979, and it hit No. 1 for 5 weeks straight in July and it sold over 600,000 copies before becoming the 15th-ranked song of the year. It is also the first track on his 4th album, appropriately titled "Morning" which also hit the top spot and became the 4th-ranked album of the year.


  1. I lived in Japan on those years and was looking for this beautiful Song, Thanks frontal Venezuela

    1. Hello, Omar.

      Good to hear from you and thanks for the comments. How did you first hear about "Kimi no Asa"? All the best from Canada!

  2. Replies
    1. I think I can help you there.

      Yoko tawaru kimi no kao ni
      Asa no hikari ga sashiteiru
      Kako no omosa wo araou to shite
      Tadoritsuita fukai nemuri yo
      Wakareyou to suru tamashii to
      Deaou to suru tamashii to
      Aah kokoro yori karada no hou ga
      Tashikamerareru to iu no ka
      Morning morning kimi no asa da yo
      Morning morning kimi no asa da yo

      Isogi ashi futo tomete
      Furikaereba yuuyake ga
      Kono saki ikura ikite yuku no ka
      Konna kurashi kari no sugata to
      Umareyou to suru tamashii to
      Oiborete yuku tamashii to
      Aah ningen no hashikure ni
      Umaretekita to iu no ni
      Morning morning kimi no asa da yo
      Morning morning kimi no asa da yo

      Gunshuu nomikonda
      Machi no kanashimi no uzu no naka ni
      Kohii ippai bun no yasashisa wo
      Sosogikomu boku no uta yo
      Kawarou to suru tamashii to
      Yodonde shimau tamashii to
      Aah karada juu kagayaki nagara
      Tabitatte yuke asa ni
      Morning morning kimi no asa da yo
      Morning morning kimi no asa da yo
      Morning morning kimi no asa da yo

  3. Thank you for the translation, I really apreciate it. I will take it as Christmas gift.

  4. I lived in Japan just when this Song was in top of charts


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