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Friday, January 4, 2013

Candies -- Futari no Love Song (ふたりのラブ・ソング)

I gotta say that I have enjoyed the occasional delightful surprises that I've gotten while doing this blog for the past year. This is one of them. While I was looking up some information on another song that had been done by The Peanuts and covered by the aidoru trio Candies, I came across a J-Wiki entry on one of the latter's albums, "Candy Label".

As I was looking at the tracks, I came across this interesting one, a cover of The Carpenters' "All You Get From Love is a Love Song". Now, having become a convert to the cause of Karen and Richard during my years in Japan (as have millions of Japanese), this particular song became a favourite of mine because of its relaxing lying-on-the-beach AOR feel. So, when I discovered this track on "Candy Label", I just had to scoot over to YouTube and give it a listen. How would Ran, Su and Miki approach this?

I mean, my impression of Candies as one of the premier aidoru groups in the early 70s was of them cheerfully singing their uptempo hits such as "Haru Ichiban" (春一番) and "Un, Deux, Trois". Therefore, listening to the trio's cover of the song, titled in Japan as "Futari no Love Song" (A Love Song for Two), I was surprised to hear an even more languid version. I assume that it was Ran who was handling the main vocals here; she gives a very 'softly, softly' approach which definitely contrasts with Candies' usual high-octane delivery. It's certainly a more tentative version than Karen's rich and confident original.

With this video I've uploaded, a whole rush of Candies images appear. But it's the one that appears above before you push play that's the most striking. When I saw that, I kinda thought Candies looked a lot like the current big girl trio right now, Perfume. Last year, my profile on "Haru Ichiban" got flooded by a bunch of Perfume fans from another site when a fellow there linked that profile with his own article on a Candies-Perfume comparison.

Here is the original Carpenters' version from their 1977 album, "Passage". It was also released as a 45" single in May 1977. Written and composed by Steve Eaton, the song was translated into Japanese by Yukinojo Mori(森雪之丞) for Candies' cover. "Candy Label" was released in September of that year., while "Futari no Love Song" was the B-side to the trio's aforementioned hit, "Un, Deux, Trois".


  1. Thanks J-Canuck for this post on The Candies. Now that you mention it, yeah I guess Perfume could be called a "Neo-The Candies". Although there have been a lot of girl trio groups in the past - 少女隊, 麻生真美子&キャプテン, ソフトクリーム, Mi-Ke, うしろ髪ひかれ隊, Sugar to name a few - Perfume is probably the most successful trio, perhaps soon to even surpass The Candies potentially.

  2. Hi, JTM.

    Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if Perfume took over the top spot in that department. I think it's been about 5 or so years since they hit it big with "Polyrhythm", and they're still doing well. Whether they'll still be around in another 5 years is another guess, though.

  3. Hi there,
    The main vocal of Candies' version of "Futari-no-Lovesong" was not Run, but Miki. Anyway, I totally agree with your opinion which means "softly softly" approach.
    I'm writing about Candies in my blog site irregularly and mentioned in "Futari no Love Song" recently.
    If you'll please step over my site.
    Unfortunately, it's Japanese only, though ;-)

    1. Hi, Rentaro. And thanks for your comments and confirmation on who was actually singing lead vocal. I'd heard that in the early days, Ran was not always the main singer. I'll take a look at your blog since I can read Japanese to a certain extent.

    2. J-Canuck, Thank you for your reply.
      You heard right. In the early days, the lead singer of Candies was Sue. On their 5th single, called A Younger Boy(年下の男の子), Ran started to sing as main vocal. Miki was called the 'Queen of Side-B and Album only song'.
      Anyway, thanks for your interests in J-POP songs!

    3. Hi, Yasuki. Thanks for your interest in this blog and the information on the ladies. My interest in Japanese music has been a definite pleasure for me all these years.

      I was in Japan when the news of Sue passing away from cancer was announced. Very sad...she left us way too soon.


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