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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oricon Top 10 Albums for 1979

1. Godiego                    Saiyuki
2. Masashi Sada            Yume Kuyou
3. Southern All Stars      10 "Numbers" Carats
4. Satoshi Kishida          Morning
5. ABBA                       Voulez-Vous
6. Alice                        Alice VII
7. Alice                        Eikou no Dasshutsu
8. George Yanagi           Yokohama
    & Rainy Wood
9. ABBA                      Arrival
10. Chiharu Matsuyama  Aruki Tsuzukeru Toki

Aside from Ms. Faltskog and Ms. Lyngstad....and the girl's name "Alice", the Top 10 albums for 1979 were an all-male affair. Godiego capped off their best year ever in their career (5 singles in the Top 100) with the most successful album of the year.

If anyone asks you why karaoke enthusiasts in Tokyo seem to enjoy singing "Dancing Queen"at Big Echo, you can point them to this list. And folk/rock group Alice with Shinji Tanimura and Takao Horiuchi held the middle quite nicely.

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