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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Oricon Top 10 Singles for 1986

1.  Akemi Ishii                          CHA-CHA-CHA
2.  Akina Nakamori                  Desire
3.  Shonentai                             Kamen Butokai
4.  Kuwata Band                       Ban Ban Ban
5.  Misato Watanabe                 My Revolution
6.  Akiko Kobayashi                 Koi ni Ochite
7.  Akina Nakamori                  Gypsy Queen
8.  Kuwata Band                       Skip Beat
9.  Checkers                              Oh! Popstar
10. Sonoko Kawai                    Aoi Starcion

I've always been a bit surprised that Akemi Ishii was able to beat Akina Nakamori that year. I like both songs but I think "Desire" has had the longer-lasting legacy, and that's just my view. Speaking of long-lasting, Akiko Kobayashi's "Koi no Ochite" (aka Fall In Love) had its 2nd round in the annual Top 10 since it got into the 1985 Top 10 Singles at the No. 3 ranking. Still, Akina was able to get a 2nd song in there as well, the smoky "Gypsy Queen" (one of us will have to talk about that one soon), and Kuwata Band (Keisuke Kuwata's band while Southern All Stars...and specifically Yuko Hara...had a 1-year hiatus) got in their two songs. And last but not least, Misato Watanabe got into the Top 10 with the classic teenage anthem of the 80s, "My Revolution".

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