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Friday, May 3, 2013

Oricon Top 10 Albums for 1990

1. Yumi Matsutoya                       Love Wars
2. Southern All Stars                    Inamura Jane
3. Princess Princess                     Lovers
4. Misato Watanabe                      Tokyo
5. Anri                                       Mind Cruisin'
6. Southern All Stars                    Southern All Stars
7. Miki Imai                                  Ivory
8. Toshinobu Kubota                     Bonga Wanga
9. Miki Imai                                 Retour
10. Takako Okamura                     Kiss

Rather glad that I didn't have to come up with any Japanese script for any of the titles up there.  A pretty dynamic and summery lineup with Southern All Stars and Anri that's given some more oomph with Misato, Puri-Puri and Kubota. However, for some mellowness, there are those Miki Imai albums in there during her early stage peak, and Takako Okamura's "Kiss". With the exception of the No. 6 entry, I think I've managed to get every one of those albums into the collection. For me, as for a favourite, it would be a toss-up of a three-sided coin amongst "Love Wars", "Ivory" and "Retour".

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