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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pornograffitti -- Music Hour (ミュージック・アワー)

"Music Hour" is Pornograffitti's 3rd single, and is about as fun and summery as a TUBE song or the swimsuit issue of "Sports Illustrated". Starting right from the radio and DJ, Akihito Okano(岡野昭仁)and the band just take off with this tune that would sound great while driving down Bayside Expressway in Tokyo (outside of the major holiday seasons) with the top down. I especially like the intro which can get anyone bouncing off the ground....look at the video above...fortified with added cheerleaders.

Apparently, there are 165 "versions" of the song, each with its own slight differences in arrangement and performed in concert or on the radio/TV programs.. No. 164 is the one that is in their 2nd album, "foo?". Not sure which one is the one with the cheerleaders in the video.

Released in July 2000, it was created by Haruichi(ハルイチ)and ak honma, the same pair in the band that wrote and composed the next big Porno hit, "Saudade". It peaked at No. 5 on Oricon and was the 55th-ranked song of the year.

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