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Friday, February 14, 2014

Ami Ozaki -- Peach Paradise

I could've done without the babies voicing "momo" (peach) at the very beginning, but I picked up Ami Ozaki's(尾崎亜美) 1991 album, "Natural Agency" because of this song. For a singer-songwriter who got noticed for her early bossa-tinged ballads, she apparently decided to channel her inner Kumiko Yamashita(山下久美子)for "Peach Paradise" and rock out.

"Peach Paradise" is sung all in English and is about as quirky and happy as all get out for an Ozaki song. I think there's even a bit of Kate Bush in there as well. The reason I got attached to this song about peaches by her is that there was this commercial that had been running for the longest time during my time in Gunma. The product was Peachtree Fizz by the Mercian company...a cocktail in a can which I've also sampled. Think peach nectar with a jolt of alcohol. Anyways, Ozaki shows up in the ad singing away with a trio of male backup, all looking like some act from an old American 50s variety show.

Unfortunately, there isn't a copy of that commercial on YouTube, but I did manage to find one later ad for Peachtree Fizz from 1994 starring Sachiko Sakurai (of "Koko Kyoshi" fame).

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