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Monday, February 24, 2014

Yuki Saito -- Doyoubi no Tamanegi (土曜日のタマネギ)

Up until last month, I hadn't heard of this song by 80s aidoru Yuki Saito(斉藤由貴), but I was rather intrigued by the title of "Doyoubi no Tamanegi" (Saturday's Onion), especially since it did break into the Top 10 on Oricon at the peak of No. 6. The doo-woppy music was by Toshio Kamei(亀井登志夫), and the lyrics by singer-songwriter Hiroko Taniyama(谷山浩子) give the analogy of a ruined soup as representing a young relationship on the rocks. With the kitchen sounds in the song, I thought Saito in danger of slicing a finger off considering her depression, but apparently there was the titular onion at the very bottom of the pot refusing to give up and encouraging her to do the same.

There was even an extended single version of "Doyoubi no Tamanegi", which was Saito's 6th single released in May 1986. For the first half of this version, there is an overture treatment of the melody before Saito sighs and gets on with the chopping and slicing. The original single, though, was placed as a track for the singer's 2nd album, "Glass no Kodo"(ガラスの鼓動...Glass Beat) which came out in March of the same year and hit the top spot on the album charts. The above link, however, is not for the extended version but has a lot of Saito musing out loud before she starts singing.

A final bit of trivia here. The guy providing the backup vocals is Toshinobu Kubota(久保田利伸)just around the time of his debut.

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