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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nanase Aikawa -- Sweet Emotion

A good ol' party rock song by Nanase Aikawa(相川七瀬), "Sweet Emotion" was another one of those songs that seemed to be everywhere at the same time during its release from May 1997. Just put down the roof on the convertible and have the radio on at full blast while bombing down the Kan-Etsu (provided it's not rush hour).

Written by Aikawa and composed by Tetsuro Oda(織田哲郎), "Sweet Emotion" is her 7th single, and especially watching the official video below, I just couldn't help but feel that the singer was the Japanese incarnation of Joan Jett. It certainly had me reminiscing about my early days in Ichikawa and the fact that Aikawa was known for that bob of red hair at the time.

The single managed to peak at No. 2 and was also a track on her 2nd album, "paraDOX" from July 1997. It sold over 1.4 million copies, hit the top spot on the Oricon album chart and became the 13th-ranked release of the year.

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