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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Pinky and Killers -- Tanjoubi wa Ii Mon da (誕生日はいいもんだ)

Normally I wouldn't tout my birthday...but it looks like SNS like Facebook are more than happy to do the touting for me. And frankly for folks like me who are beyond their 40s, birthdays aren't exactly anything to be all that enthused about anyways. Still, I will officially be going into my 51st year on Earth in a couple of hours.

As is the case here in North America, a lot of those Western-style restaurants in Tokyo such as the Outback Steakhouse are more than happy to help celebrate the birthday occasion. So the wait staff will come on out with a small birthday cake while Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday" plays on the speakers. Our family though is definitely not one of those groups that will advertise a birthday to a restaurant...we relish our privacy.

Last night, I received a message from my Mixi account from one of my friends in Japan which consisted of the above song. It sounded adorable enough so that I wanted to share it with you as well. Titled "Tanjoubi wa Ii Mon da" (A Birthday is a Wonderful Thing), it is sung by the band Pinky and Killers(ピンキーとキラーズ)and was released as their 12th single in 1970.

Now, I've known Pinky and Killers with the clear-voiced Yoko Kon(今陽子)leading the way with the cool 60s number "Koi no Kisetsu"(恋の季節), so it was a tad surprising to hear them sing this birthday song that was so cute that it could have been made for the kiddies. As for liner note information, I could only find out that Taku Izumi (いずみたく) was responsible for the breezy, let's-go-catch-butterflies music.

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