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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Toko Furuuchi -- 10%

First off, I hope folks in Florida are doing OK considering that media outlets such as CNN are reporting that Hurricane Matthew could be one of the truly horrible storms to hit the area in years. Hurricanes are pretty much non-existent here in my neck of the woods although some of the old-timers still remember Hurricane Hazel from 1955. The only natural calamity that we face on any regular basis is the seasonal snowstorm.

I have to say that I love this video of Shinjuku representing Toko Furuuchi's(古内東子)"10%". East Shinjuku may have its gaudy and seedy side but even the most amateur of photographers (such as myself) can get the good side of the district in Tokyo. It is that photogenic.

And the music for the video is mighty fine as well. "10%" is some nice night music which was written and composed by Furuuchi as a track for her 12th album, "Cashmere Music" from November 2005. The song indeed has that luxurious cashmere feeling, thanks to the music and the singer's silky vocals. Plus the lyrics could describe a scene from any sort of romantic J-drama. It's sung from the man's point of view as he harbors feelings for a woman from a distance (perhaps a friend, a work colleague or an acquaintance) although she is already with another guy. As for the title, it refers to one line in Furuuchi's lyrics where the man states that he will once again hide 10% of his awakening love for the lass. Not sure what hiding a mere 10% will prove, but I digress; it's still a lovely song.

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