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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tower Records

Tower Records in Shibuya 
An outlet in Shidome, near Ginza

Figured since this is a blog about old J-Pop that I should talk about where my old music haunts were. The prime one was Tower Records in Shibuya. I've read that this is the largest store of its kind on the planet according to floor area. I wouldn't be surprised since it has 7 floors with close to three-quarters of a million discs (according to the video below). Tower Records may have died elsewhere (like Toronto and New York) and rivals HMV and Virgin have died even in Japan, but it seems to be thriving in Japan with a lot of branches in Tokyo alone. I went there at least once a month to search for discs, and I often got my magazine fix on the 7th English-language floor.

As I said, branches abound all over Tokyo alone. This one is underground in the Shiodome City Centre, a modern commercial complex between Ginza and Shimbashi. It used to be occupied by the homegrown WAVE CD shop, which had been a popular chain in the late 80s and 90s.

This is what I saw whenever I entered the store. Enjoy Perfume!

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