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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yumi Matsutoya -- Futou wo Wataru Kaze (埠頭を渡る風)

"Futou wo Wataru Kaze" (Wind Crossing the Wharf) was released as Yumi Matsutoya's(松任谷由実)12th single in October 1978 and was part of her 6th album, "Ryuusenkei '80" (流線形'80....Streamline 80), also released in the same year. The wharf that Yuming is referring to here is Harumi Wharf down by Tokyo Bay. Through her lyrics, she sings about some romantic intrigue that took place in the shadows of the cranes and containers there.

The thing that struck me about this Yuming song is how much it sounds like a conventional kayo kyoku. Remembering her as the songstress who gave life to the New Music genre, it was a surprise to hear all of the familiar devices of orchestra and chorus that would decorate the usual singer on a TV soundstage adorning this song. She had never done this before and as far as I know, she's never done it since. It's still strangely refreshing.

The song wasn't a huge hit for Yuming as it only hit as high as No. 71 on the Oricon charts. As for the album, "Ryuusenkei '80" was able to reach No. 4.


  1. Do you know if this song was rearranged by a western musician? Even though, I just learned the musician and the song, it sounds too familiar.

    1. Hi there. I took a look back at that J-Wiki article on the song. The original arranger was Yuming's husband, Masataka, but I don't know of any Western musician who re-arranged the song. I recollect an American trio by the name of A.S.A.P. back in the early 90s who released a tribute album to her works.


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