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Monday, September 24, 2012

Go-Bangs -- Special Boyfriend

My JET days of 1989-1991 were notable musically for all of the girl bands that were coming out of the woodwork. There was of course Princess Princess, Show-Ya, and Pink Sapphire. And then there was the playful, slightly kittenish Go-Bangs. I'd already done one song by them, "Ai ni Kite I Need You"あいにきてI Need You) all those months ago. Now, it's the single preceding it.

I think the band's 4th single,"Special Boyfriend"could have done better than its peak ranking of No. 55 when it was released back in April 1989. Perhaps if it had been released after the big hit of "Ai ni Kite", the lead-in could've helped it out. "Special Boyfriend"has a bit more of the punk in the pop, and once again Kaori Moriwaka's(森若香織)lead vocals have that chipper elasticity. I also love Mitsuko Saito's(斉藤光子) drums in there.

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