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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Top 10 Albums of 1987

1.  Yoko Oginome           Non-Stopper
2.  Yumi Matsutoya        Alarm A La Mode
3.  Akina Nakamori         Scarlet
4.  Soundtrack               Top Gun
5.  Michael Jackson        Bad
6.  BOOWY                   PSYCHOPATH
7.  Anzen Chitai             Anzen Chitai V
8.  Kiyotaka Sugiyama    realtime to paradise
9.  Misato Watanabe      BREATH
10. Seiko Matsuda         Strawberry Time

Yup, quite the potpourri up there for 1987. One of the top-selling soundtracks in the world, a New Music veteran, the King of Pop, the Queen of Aidoru, a couple of bands, and a couple of aidoru making the shift to pop singers.

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