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Sunday, September 29, 2013

PSY-S -- Aozora wa Tenkiame (青空は天気雨)

Thought the blog could use another PSY-S entry. :) Here's one of my favorites from their catalogue, "Aozora wa Tenkiame" (青空は天気雨...Sunshower from a Blue Sky). It was never released as a single, but you can find it on the duo's 1987 album "Mint-Electric". One reason why this one appeals to me is the title. Yes, I have a strange fascination with meteorological phenomena like rain on a clear day. I understand the science behind it, but I still like to think of it as a mysterious little wonder. The melody in this song reflects that mood, especially when CHAKA whispers in the background. Always enjoyed her unique vocals.

There's also that thumping beat accompanied by Masaya Matsuura's (松浦雅也) trickling synths, which resemble the sound of falling rain, and Teruo Goto's (後藤輝夫) slick tenor saxophone that pops in and out throughout the song. Interesting combination of sounds, but then again we're talking about PSY-S here. I like how the song just floats at its own pace without rushing anywhere. I've been in a pretty mellow mood lately due to post-cold lightheadedness, cool late-September weather and tons of comfort food, so this song perfectly accompanies my current state of mind. I hope I'm making sense here.

Matsuura was responsible for composing and arranging the song, while Yukio Matsuo (松尾由紀夫) provided the lyrics. As for "Mint-Electric", I stumbled upon this lovely album at a Geo Media store in a small town called Gujo. I go there on a business trip for one week every month. Still baffled at the fact that it only cost me 180 yen after all the time I've been searching for it at local shops with no luck. Would love to review the whole thing sometime in the future.


  1. Hi, nikala.

    Thanks for putting this one by PSY-S, and yes, I agree. After almost 5 months, it was time to put up one by CHAKA and Masaya again. I also managed to get "Mint-Electric" just before I left Japan, but the first time I came across "Aozora wa Tenkiame" was through their live performance of the song on PSY-S GOLDEN BEST", their 2-CD pack. The "trickling-rain" synth was actually replaced by a synth-guitar which made things rather interesting. Another good thumping song by the band.

  2. Oh, your history it's beautiful! I love PSY-S!!!


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