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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ginji Ito -- Glass Tree Nights (グラストゥリーの夜)
(excerpt only)

I gave my introduction to Ginji Ito (伊藤銀次) via the review for his 1982 album "Baby Blue", so have a look at that one first for any background information. I gotta admit, though I like that album, I mostly chose it as a starting point because it contained some of his signature songs and I didn't feel like going with something that's lesser known. My favorite work of his is actually his 10th studio album, "Nature Boy", which was released on March 21st, 1987 and featured Ito going for the night-time AOR and soul sound. The description is self-explanatory.

There's not much from that album up on Youtube and I can't get Grooveshark to work at the moment, so I'll go with the single "Glass Tree Nights" (グラストゥリーの夜). It was written by Choichiro Kozumi (小泉長一郎) and composed/arranged by Ito. Now here's a song that comforts you like a fine glass of martini (or a hot cup of matcha latte, in my case). Lots of nice stuff going on here: gentle introspective melody, the lounge-like keyboards, beautiful "sha-la-la-la-la"s in the chorus, and of course, delicious saxophone. The video above (which is currently down thanks to the Powers-That-Be; I replaced it with an audio link) gets a little whimsical at times with those dancing guitars and happy chorus singers. I got nostalgic for some reason watching the last part where the camera just zooms through the monochrome footage of old Tokyo roads.


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