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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sumiko Yamagata -- Natsu ni Nattara (夏になったら)

While most of my 70's music listening leans towards the mid-late 70's, coming back to these folksy pop tunes from the earlier part in the decade definitely feels refreshing. Sumiko Yamagata's (やまがたすみこ) second single "Natsu ni Nattara" (夏になったら...When Summer Comes), which she released in June 1973, is one of those evergreen pieces that just oozes nostalgia with the old arrangement of acoustic guitars, brass and strings accompanied by that pure melodic voice of hers. I cannot help but smile when she hits those high notes. This song is warmer than three layers of blankets, which is fitting since the lyrics talk about spending summer, admiring the blue sea and singing songs with that special someone. Love and happiness everywhere. Hey, Valentine's Day is coming up...

J-Canuck has posted a few entries covering the second half of Yamagata's career as she delved into New Music, so here's an example from her early folksy days. The song was written and composed by the 16-year old singer herself, something that she would abandon later on. It's no masterpiece, but it has all the right elements of soothing kayokyoku that evokes fond memories of the good old days.

Summer 2013 in my local Gifu neighborhood

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  1. Very summery and very 70s kayo....good to hear some of Sumiko's earlier folk music. Rather nice considering current weather conditions.


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