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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Michiyo Nakajima -- Akai Hanataba (赤い花束)

Another aidoru coming from the Paradise GoGo!! (田代まさしのパラダイスGoGo!!) TV show, Michiyo Nakajima (中嶋美智代 / 中嶋ミチヨ) started her career in early 1991 with the single “Akai Hanataba”, released in January.

I remember when I first listened to Michiyo Nakajima’s small discography and realized she mainly had sentimental aidoru tunes, like her debut “Akai Hanataba”. I liked that one, although an entire discography with similar songs was kind of tiring for me. In the end, I only selected this one for my daily routine and stored her best album in my HD. So, when I need a melancholic aidoru song like that, I come back to “Akai Hanataba” and have my share of aidoru sadness.

I also enjoy the video very much, thanks to its nostalgic fator. I was a baby when it was released, but I really connect well with the early 90s. Seeing the young and cute Michiyo is also a treat for an aidoru fan, especially in the scenes her hair is curly and she’s wearing red lipstick in the lips.

The single reached #9 on the Oricon charts. Lyrics were written by Kyoko Endo (遠藤響子), while music was composed by Ichiro Haneda (羽田一郎). As for the arrangement, it was done by Satoshi Takebe (武部聡志).



  1. Hi Marcos.

    I've heard the name Michiyo Nakajima over the years but never got to listen to her until now. Her appearance and vocals strike me as being quintessentially aidoru....very adorable.

    1. Hi, J-Canuck.

      For me, Michiyo Nakajima and other aidoru acts of her time recovered some of the innocent spirit of the early 80s aidoru singers, something that was lost somewhere in the late 80s. Unfortunately, the whole aidoru thing was not that well received in the early 90s as it was years before. Times were surely changing...


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