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Monday, December 22, 2014

Minako Yoshida/Hiroshi Sato -- Rainbow Sea Line (レインボー・シー・ライン)

(Unfortunately the Minako Yoshida version
was taken down so here is the cover by 
Hiroshi Sato.)

I came across this early Minako Yoshida(吉田美奈子)entry through a City Pop compilation album that was entered up at music163 although the tracks and the artists are all hopelessly mixed up. For one thing, "Rainbow Sea Line" was labeled as being a Taeko Ohnuki(大貫妙子)song and although I have all of her solo albums dating up to 1984, I don't remember any of her songs with that title.

Mind you, the song started with that breeziness that characterized a number of Ohnuki's songs in her first two albums of "Grey Skies" and "Sunshower". However, as I listened to the soulfulness of the vocals, I guessed that it was Minako Yoshida, and sure enough a few taps on would confirm my guess. However, I have a feeling that Ohnuki may have been on backup vocal duty here.

"Rainbow Sea Line" was a track on her first album for RCA, "MINAKO", released in October 1975 with Yoshida providing the lyrics of enjoying love and life near the port. The late Hiroshi Sato(佐藤博)composed the serene music. I'm not sure whether the singer was inspired by a real geographical point or a train route, but if it does exist, I'd say it got itself a wonderful theme tune.

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