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Friday, June 12, 2015

Kozo Murashita -- Renga Douri (レンガ通り)

I've always loved that cover on Kozo Murashita's(村下孝蔵)"Utabito ~ Song Collection"(歌人〜ソングコレクション〜......Poet) very innocent and Japanese.

From that first BEST compilation (1984) by the late singer-songwriter, I came across the lovely "Renga Douri" (Brick Road). He can tenderize any ballad about lost love into a musical filet mignon. At first, I had thought that the song was about some poor fellow pining for some unrequited love, but then the lyrics revealed that it was more of a past love that he was feeling miserable about. The woman in question lived on that old apartment he used to know intimately on that brick road.

Originally released as a track of Murashita's debut album, "Kiteki ga Kikoeru Machi"(汽笛が聞こえる街...The Town Where I Can Hear The Steam Whistle)in July 1980, the ballad is beautiful but probably not the thing to hear just after a breakup. And perhaps a more upbeat tune would have been more apropos for a Friday night, but it's been a good long while since I put up one of his songs, and it's very relaxing to hear some of his old tunes. I also have to say that the video above is really well done and I hope it stays up a good long time.

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