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Sunday, July 31, 2016

B'z -- Q&A

As usual, "Meitantei Conan"(名探偵コナン...Great Detective Conan), the adventures of the amazing boy detective continue on TV Japan on Thursday nights. And just as usually, there are the periodic changes in opening and ending themes. Furthermore, once again, the boys of B'z have contributed their own anison to the long-running series (you can check out one of their earlier contributions right here).

To be exact, "Q&A" is the 36th opening theme for "Conan" (or "Case Closed" as it is called here) that was used from May to November 2013 (yup, we're behind here in Canada). But when it first came on a few weeks ago, I had assumed that it wasn't B'z behind the rousing and rollicking song but some sort of B'z clone since Koshi Inaba's(稲葉浩志)voice sounded an octave higher for some reason. But indeed it was the real McCoy, and heck, it is indeed the super-exciting B'z sound.

Heck, from that concert performance of the song (sorry that video has been taken down), even cold-as-ice Haibara would be throwing herself into the mosh pit. Man, the fans must get their money's worth in pyrotechnics when they head over to a B'z concert.

"Q&A" wasn't an official single by the duo but was part of another BEST album by B'z: "B'z The Best XXV 1996-2012". Not surprisingly, the album made mega-yen when it was released in June 2013. It went Double Platinum as it hit No. 2 for 2 weeks in a row and ended up as the 3rd-ranked album of the year. The song itself lasted on the charts for 38 weeks.

Speaking about statistics, it looks like we broke a record here on "Kayo Kyoku Plus". We managed to put up 80 articles (mind you, 4 of them were rankings lists) in one month for the first time, our highest output to date. And here I was thinking about semi-retiring from the blog back in January!
by Ruby Rose

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