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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Mami Koyama -- Polka-Dot Magic(ポルカ・ドット・マジック )

I've just done an article on actress, seiyuu and narrator Mami Koyama(小山茉美)tonight but I wanted to do a twofer since Koyama has had a singing career which didn't need the use of her adorable Arale-chan(アラレちゃん)voice.

In all honesty, I had been planning to put on another Koyama tune up here, a City Pop number called "Twilight Train". However, the powers-that-be put the kibosh on that one so I stubbornly looked for something else that the singer had performed, and managed to find this title track from her 3rd album "Polka-Dot Magic" from 1984.

Composer Kan Ogasawara(小笠原寛)and lyricist Machiko Ryu(竜真知子)were responsible for "Polka-Dot Train" which has more of a New Wave arrangement. Plus, Koyama has a light and un-Arale-chan voice to deliver it. I was able to find a photograph of the actual album cover right here and it was illustrated by Akira Toriyama(鳥山明), the creator of "Dr. Slump"(Dr.スランプ)himself. Near the bottom of the page is another rather cheeky drawing of Koyama herself with some of her fellow collaborators in the album, illicitly admiring something else of hers.😉

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