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Monday, June 3, 2019

Superfly -- Alright!!

Good golly! How would YOU like to make an entrance to THIS song?

Alright indeed. I had long lost interest in watching Japanese TV dramas but if I had seen these opening credits with that song, I probably would have been convinced to stick with "BOSS", a 2009 Fuji-TV series about a fallen detective played by Yuki Amami(天海祐希)having to lead a squad of quirk-ridden detectives. With this opening theme, their coolness factor probably jumped 50%!

This would be "Alright!!", a bundle of TNT of a song that was Shiho Ochi's(越智志帆), aka Superfly's, first digital download single from June 2009. Apparently, it was those "BOSS" opening credits right from Episode 1 in April of that year that had folks lollygagging over the tune, so I'm sure that fans were waiting rather impatiently over those 2 months before the song finally became available. May I say that the video provides a visual feast as well...if shown clearly?

"Alright!" could probably make for a good power-up song during Hump Day Wednesdays. Written by Ochi and composed by Ochi and Koichi Tabo(多保孝一), who had been an official member of Superfly up to 2007, the song hit No. 1 at the iTunes Store, going Platinum. It's also available as a track on Superfly's 2nd album "Box Emotions" released in September 2009. That album also hit No. 1 and became the 9th-ranked album of the year.

I'm wondering how that student who first introduced me to Superfly a decade ago is doing now. I mentioned her back in my own first article on Ochi back in 2014.

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