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Monday, May 14, 2012

Good Times Diva CD series

 Just wanted to show you a compilation series called "Good Times Diva". One of the nice things about the turn of the century over a decade ago was that the various recording studios got very nostalgic and unleashed a deluge of discs of past hits going back almost 50 years. And if there's one thing that Japan excels at, it's nostalgia.
   The "Good Times Diva"series spans 10 CDs of which I bought 8 of them. They include songs by various female artists spanning from the 60s to the 90s. Of course, some of the biggies are in there such as Anri(杏里) and EPO. But I also discovered some of the unsung heroines such as Etsuko Sai(彩恵津子) and Yasuko Naito(内藤やす子). I have been able to enjoy some of my favorites and find out some new songs, some of which I've already posted onto this blog.

Although the discs originally came out a decade back, some of them are still out there on sites such as for reasonable prices. Just punch in the title. Anyone who has started his/her adventure into kayo kyoku will like this series (narrow niche, I know).

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