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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kahoru Kohiruimaki -- Hold On Me

I first came across Kahoru Kohiruimaki (小比類巻かほる)on the 1987 Kohaku Utagassen when she performed "Hold On Me", a dynamic pop number sung by this soulful voice which has gotten huskier and better over time.

Kohhy (I'm saving on the typing here) hails from Aomori Prefecture in the north, and debuted in 1985 with "Never Say Goodbye"whose B-side was a cover of an Air Supply song, "Just As I Am". She also provided the ending theme, "Ryoute Ippai no Johnny"(両手いっぱいのジョニー....Hands Full Johnny) to the anime "Gallforce"as her second single. "Hold On Me"is her 4th single and was included in her 3rd album, "I'm Here", released in April.

When "Hold On Me"was released as a single in February, it went as high as No. 15 on the Oricon weeklies and became the 71st-ranked song of the year. Although Kohhy has always been known for covering soul, R&B and funk, her early years tended to be a bit poppier before her voice got that extra timbre. The song was written by Keiko Aso(麻生圭子)and composed by Yoshiaki Ohuchi(大内義昭).

Ah, I also found a video of a young girl covering "Hold On Me" here. I think her name was Ayumi Hamasaki (浜崎あゆみ)or something. Enjoy!

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