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Saturday, May 12, 2012

PSY-S -- Woman-S

Another quirky electronic happy song by the good people at PSY-S. After the Yellow Magic Orchestra went into the historical ether for a little while, I was always looking forward to some fun technopop. PSY-S helped fill the void along with some of the works of Denki Groove later on.

"Woman-S" has vocalist CHAKA singing that instead of the usual trappings of brand names and heavy lines, she wants her love straight up. The original version had a heavier percussion and pluckier arrangements, and was part of the band's 2nd album, "PIC-NIC", released in July 1986. However, it was released as a 4th single in November 1986.

A slightly less frenetic version was released in PSY-S' first Best album, "Two Hearts" in 1991. But the percussion is still fun to hear as well. "Two Hearts"was the first of the band's albums that I'd gotten...actually here in Toronto, strangely enough. "Woman-S"is the first track so the album grabbed me right from the start. A bossa nova version of the song was also released in the same year as the original as part of the band's collaborative CD, "Collection"in February 1987. And the above video is for that version.

And since I had yet to put in a concert version, here is one from YouTube of the band on their 88-89 tour.

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